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Listen To A Former Con-Artist Explains Scams Targeting Elderly

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Here Is What You Will Learn

  1. 1
    • Medicare Fraud, Don't Give them A Chance

    • Preventing Medicare Scams

    • Watch For The Package On Your Door Step

    • Tips On How To Protect Yourself

    • Medicare Quiz

  2. 2
    • Jamaican Lottery Scam

    • An Example On How One Man Lost $25k In A Lottery Scam

    • How It Works

    • Lottery Quiz

  3. 3
    • How To Avoid A Tech Support Scam

    • FBI Destroys Tech Support Scammer's Call Center!

    • Spotting and Avoiding Tech Support Scams

    • What to Do If You Think There’s a Problem With Your Computer

    • What to Do If You Were Scammed

    • Reporting Tech Support Scams

  4. 4
    • Example How It Works

    • Investment Scams Targeting Seniors

    • Beware the Free Lunch and Seminar

    • Ponzi Schemes Targeting Seniors

  5. 5
    • Example On How It Work

    • Make Sure You Read The Contract

    • Protect Yourself From Medical Alert Scams

    • How does the scam work?

    • How You Can Protect Yourself

  6. 6
    • The One Ring Call Scam

    • The Amazon Refund Scam

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